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The Connie Lansberg Quartet is an eclectic mix of funky jazz and
witty intelligent originals with the emphasis on melody. The
collaboration between Jonothan Wade and Connie is bearing
musical fruit that is surprising and refreshing. With his ability to
work his creative mastery on Hammond, keys and pedals all at once
Jonothan is able to accept and build on anything Connie offers,
making each performance unique, unpredictable and really, really
fun. With newcomer to Australia Buhdi Winarto on Flute, Alto and
Tenor Sax and Peter Hodges’ exceptionally sensitive drumming The
Connie Lansberg Quartet is dedicated to the art of live performance.
“I don’t believe in biographies and words when it comes to
performers or bands. You are only as good as your last gig. How do
you describe the vibration that goes through you when you listen to
live music played by musicians who understand the important part
that those vibration play in the recalibration of the human energy
grid? Or music played by musicians who understand that music is
preventative medicine? That fun and beauty and laughter and dance
must be at the forefront of all peoples lives?! The Connie Lansberg
Quartet is dedicated to as many live performances as possible and
in a city where less and less venues are putting on jazz we are
doing the hard work of developing new venues with our jazz n
Shiraz nights. Come and see us and feel it for yourself. You can
watch the videos and you can listen to us first but I’d like you to
come along and FEEL what happens at our gigs!”


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