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With an Austrian mother and American father, Danielle Oliver grew up speaking German in the quaint ski town, Whitefish, Montana, and refers to Vienna as her second home. At age 6, Danielle recalls jumping up and down when her mother asked if she wanted to begin piano lessons. Fortunately, this vigor and excitement for music has only increased with the years. She wrote her first song on Valentine’s Day at age 11, and with the support of a musical family, studied classical music at Pepperdine University. Danielle also studied vocal performance in Europe under the notable Doug Hines of the Vienna State Opera and apprenticed under the renowned pianist and composer, Carter Larsen, who claimed “She is a real concert pianist performing at top level in both areas (Piano and vocals). In this way, I believe her to be among the top talent in her age group.”

She finally diverted paths from studying as a music major to creating music all her own. Using her creative writing degree, Danielle’s lyrics are often complex and intelligent, yet profoundly honest. She mixes raw stories about the reality of life’s circumstances, the realizations that come with growing up, and her father’s passing with light and free melodies built on a foundation of eclectic sounds and ornate instrumentation including banjo, mellotron, organ, and glockenspiel.

After several years in LA playing at venues such as the Knitting Factory and House of Blues, Danielle finally returned in 2010 to her home state of Montana where she later teamed up with Producer Brett Allen (Death Cab For Cutie, Dan Deacon) of SnowGhost music to record her debut album “Sun For Snow EP”. Celebrated with a release show at the House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA and followed by a West Coast album release tour, the EP has 6 unique tracks, all which bring a new, fresh twist to the world of pop singer/songwriters.


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