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Fred Lahmann brings over 35 years of professional experience and a wide expanse of influences to his stylings. Growing up in San Diego, with its’ beaches, pleasant weather and surf culture, he spent his childhood, immersing himself in the popular music of the time via his sister’s record collection. His favorites were always the vocal groups. It really didn’t matter what style, as long as they had good harmonies. Folk, Motown, Do-wop, Bluegrass, it all worked for him. At about age 13 he started learning folk songs on the guitar mainly because they were easy to play. That eventually gave way to rock and roll and electric guitars.
Fred played professionally for 12 years in venues ranging from coffee shops to convention centers. He’s performed as a single musician and in many different acoustic and electric band configurations. He began writing songs in his early twenties and songwriting remains a passion for him to this day. To his credit, he’s had 3 songs placed in a major motion picture.

Happily married for 33 years, with two loving daughters, family is foundational in his makeup and approach to life.

Nowadays, he’s spending a lot of time recording his songs and also loves to share them at the Community Outreach Center for Golden Hills Community Church where he’s a regular on the calendar.


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