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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, my original life’s ambition was to become a rock and roll star. That didn’t work out. I’ve worked as a checkout clerk, security guard, telephone interviewer, research assistant, teaching assistant, visiting assistant professor, package handler for a parcel delivery service, and office clerk in a plastic factory. Along the way, I discovered that I really wanted and needed to be doing music.

I have a deep knowledge of music, and I know that music is about connecting with someone, touching their lives, whether changing the way they look at the world, or simply adding a little bit of happiness for a brief moment. You can see this best when playing on a street corner or at a farmer’s market or street fair, when somebody walking by hears the music for a few seconds and smiles or starts dancing or bobbing their head to the music. I live for that! There are few things in this world more fun than making music for people.

I was born and raised on rock and roll, but was exposed to all kinds of music from polkas and tamburitza music to R&B, country, and Irish folk music. In 2002, while recovering from my misguided adventures in academia, I started going to bluegrass/old time jam sessions–where I met my wife and began playing in a folk duo with her. I also started writing songs, put together a rock oldies band, and joined a country band for a while. I’m now looking for more ways to share the songs I’ve written with others.

My songs range from the deeply spiritual to the very silly. I write about love, social commentary, everyday life, love, God, spirituality, love, various quirky things, and love. (Did I mention love?)

I also do covers from traditional folk to classic rock, classic country to modern singer songwriter.


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