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James was born in Kansas City, MO and graduated in Marketing from MU at Columbia. His ancestors include Richard Wetherill & family who discovered Mesa Verde National Park, or more accurately were the first tourists of the area. He moved to Steamboat, CO and Snowy Range, WY in resort management & real estate, where he also flew his own plane, ski patrolled and met his future wife Lana.

They moved to Kauai, HI and raised a daughter Kari and twin sons Kurt & Cody who acted in Hollywood productions for Aaron Spelling, Paramount Studios, Disney, NBC & CBS. The boys now work in TV/Film & produce music videos in Portland, OR. James, Lana & Kari live in nearby Battle Ground, WA and own/operate Alicorn Stables.

James began playing guitar in college and has continued to play & write through the years. He wrote his book “Confuse’us Says” by Kimo (his Hawaiian name/pseudonym) that can be found on

A self-professed homebody, James enjoys spending time with family, playing/writing and cooking. In 2011 he wrote his first album, an 11 song CD called “Home Cookin”. He plans to submit songs to publishers in hopes of interesting established recording artists.

You are invited to listen to 2 of these songs. “Train To Nowhere” is a journey of the mind in search for inner peace. “Honky Tonk Ballerina“ is about an opportunist barfly, familiar to many and a misfortune to those of us who have known her far too well. Enjoy!!


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