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JoJo Worthington’s vocalizations, ingenuity with looping techniques, and completely refreshing take on the ukulele are all pushing this Canadian experimental-folk musician to create some of the most forward-thinking folk music of her generation.
A soft, solitary tour-de-force, she creates haunting choral loops, orchestral ukulele riffs, and striking spacey vocals, drawing the onlookers in, slowly and with complete control. With a nod to influences of the present- St. Vincent, Björk, Alt-J, S. Carey, and others- Worthington finds a beautiful, swelling sound completely her own; a rare find in the sea of ukulele-based music.
Worthington’s latest work, “ (Two Lines)” , named one of the top Canadian albums for 2016 (, is a surge into a new territory alongside Epoch producer, Connory Ballantyne and engineer, William Crann. It is at once enchanting, transporting, and full of such wonder. Ukulele dances playfully alongside a grave, foreboding cello and the bluster of stormy brass as if there is nothing to fear in the darkness of their shadow. The ambiguous beauty of Worthington’s rural Canadian homeland, with its contrasting harsh peaks and luscious greenery, is embodied there in every note.

“With every song being a perfect gem the only complaint is that the album isn’t long enough” – Mark Anthony Brennan, RidetheTempo.

“Whether or not you believe in a divine architect, there’s a sublime spiritual presence in JoJo Worthington’s album ‘ ’, which will move the hardest of hearts.” – Trevor Elkin, GoldFlakePaint.

“…It’s clear that JoJo Worthington is the most talented student in the new class.” – Half-Life Music.

“‘Two Lines’ is a work of catharsis. It’s at once sweeping and grand and extremely intimate.” MT, Gray Owl Point.

Worthington’s previous work, “7” released in January 2015, is a full musical to say the least. This eleven-track album includes a whirlwind of sounds coming at you in all different directions, each song different from the next, creating a beautiful potpourri of brightly coloured, strange and varied sounds and influences.

“Worthington’s voice is indelible, now familiar to the listener and reassuring to his/her ears, it guides the head through all encompassing instrumental swells and strong group vocals to a soft conclusion.”- The Scene Magazine.

“A victorious Canadian songstress” – Variety Magazine

May 2017 – Honourable Mention, Inspirational Category, Canadian Songwriting Competition;

Feb 2017 – Finalist, Open Category, 13th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA);

Nov 2016 – Winner, Contemporary Christian/Gospel category – 15th Independent Music Awards;

Sep 2016 – Honorable Mention (Top 10) – 3rd 2016 World Wide Music Contest

Jul 2016 – Finalist, Folk Category – 2016 American Songwriting Awards

Nov 2015 – Finalist, Gospel Category – 20th USA Songwriting Competition;

Aug 2015 – 1st prize Other Sounds category, World Wide Music Contest;

May 2015 – Grand Prize Winner, Songwriters Hall of Fame Song Competition;

May 2015 – Best Album (“7”) & Best Music Video (“Amadeus”) in Singer-Songwriter Category for Akademia Music Awards;

Apr 2015 – Artist of the Year & Songwriting Award, Year 2, MIA Program, Fanshawe College;

Feb 2015 – Open Category in 11th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA);

Sept 2014 – Best Folk/Best Song at 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards;

May 2014 – BarrieFolk Society Youth Songwriters’ Showcase;

Apr 2014 – Mariposa Folk Festival Showcase (out of 75 applicants);

Apr 2014 – Songwriting Award, Year 1, Music Industry Arts Program, Fanshawe College, London, ON;

May 2013 – Maxwell’s Music House Leading Edge Award for the 25th Annual Arts Awards Waterloo Region.


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