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I was born 1983 and grew up on the countryside. As a child I spent a lot of time alone, playing piano and sing (improvising, didn’t take lessons) and writing stories, reading books. I wanted to be a writer and musician and actress and spent most of my time doing short “films” with my friends and my family’s camera, writing songs and stories. I felt very out of place in school, there was lots of racism and I had very different values to them and got bullied quite a lot for it. I dropped out of school at 16 and started to work on a race horses stud in south of Sweden, then studied french in France and went to Ireland and England to work as an aupair. After that I took up my theatre interest again and went to theatre schools, on the last one I started to really write songs again and perform them with music students who played the instruments and I wrote the music to the plays and found it Very interesting and rewarding for myself to do so.
I started learning to play guitar and write songs on guitar and not only piano and applied for a rockcollege for girls on Gotland, an island on the east coast of Sweden and then my song writing just exploded in that environment and I learned to play all instruments in a set and sound engineering and how to record in a studio and work with the music programme Logic. It was Very cool, the best choice I made to go there and I went a second year too. I formed a rockband with my three classmates (Release Eden)it was very challenging because the mixture of personality was quite intense and hard but very creative too. We also did 4 programs for national radio a mix of music and sketches and poetry blended to a “radio-film”.
I finished May 2009 and have since worked as an evening course teacher and entertainer on homes for elder people. All I want to do is to write songs and play them and record them and I’d love to work with another musician too.


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