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PK Tessmann’s song “Cannot Explain” won Best Roots/Folk Recording at the Vancouver Island Music Awards 2015 and she was also nominated in the Vocalist of the Year category. She is a Vancouver Island indie-folk songstress with a voice as tasty as honey and song writing skills that include hook-lines and catchy melodies that will leave you satisfied by an acoustic ballad or a full band groove. Her well crafted tunes are something of substance – flowing lyrics, and subtle, whispering harmonies, complimented by a twinkle of a mandolin or electric guitar. With the confident timing of a skilled percussionist, PK strums a few chords on her guitar and her audience leans in. The sincerity of her performance and the clarity of her voice are a mesmerizing mix.

Growing up in a musical household led PK to complete the jazz program at Capilano College. Since then, she has spent over a decade performing on various stages, released a solo album titled “Maybe”, participated in multiple compilation albums, won songwriter contests, and was recently nominated for Vocalist of the Year and awarded Best Folk/Roots Recording for “Cannot Explain” in the Vancouver Island Music Awards 2015. Her journey has embraced both marriage and motherhood, and she shares these experiences in songs like “Nice to Meet You”, which she wrote after the birth of her son.

In April 2013, PK released a self-titled EP album, produced by Corwin Fox in the vibrant Village of Cumberland, BC. With tastes of bluegrass and heart-melting ballads, PK’s fans eagerly awaited the release of the album. The EP is a teaser of a masterpiece to come. Two of the three songs are a direct projection of milestones in her own life: the first about meeting her Husband, and the second about the birth of her son. The third song is of the Tragedy of Amanda Todd, which hit a nerve with PK, having experienced both depression and bullying in her life.
The combination of her musical prowess and the serenity of her personality have earned her the respect and admiration of both fans and fellow musicians.
“PK’s well-crafted lyrics always resonate with something deep within me,” writes award winning songwriter Sue Pyper. “Her voice is agile and beautiful, taking you from one place to another with ease and grace.”
Local radio host Bee Wolf Ray, and fellow Vancouver Island songwriter describes PK’s music as “ moving, lyrical and powerful” and adds, “What a voice! Clear, light, potent, and so flexible and fluid… wow. I definitely want to hear more from you!”
Comox Valley songwriter Nathan Senner and co-host of the Comox Valley Songwriter’s Circle sums it up nicely: “From her touching lyrics and themes to her rich and enchanting voice PK is truly a pleasure to listen to. From the first listen you’ll instantly become a fan.”

Few musicians can combine such talents of insightful song writing and musical prowess. PK Tessmann is an evolving bundle of creation. If you think you know her music, get ready to be astounded because the best is yet to come.

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