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Ryan Vosler, age 25, was born and raised in Airmont, New York, a suburb just north of New York City. Highly influenced by his two older brothers, Ryan began playing the guitar at the age of 11. By the age of 13, Ryan was writing his own music and lyrics. Former guitarist and vocalist for the band New Kind of Conflict, Vosler experienced the thrill of performing in front of live audiences and recording music. Ryan’s musical influences include many genres of music ranging from punk to rock & roll, as well as the blues and acoustic rock. In 2003, Ryan pursued his own music as a solo artist; the genre he calls ‘pop-punk acoustic rock/emo.’ In 2007, Ryan traveled to Boston to record his song “memories,” which has a possible chance of being aired on CW 11’s One Tree Hill.
Vosler hooked up with famous singer/song writer, Frank Enea, and began recording at Satellite Sound Studios in Mt. Kisco, New York. Ryan then received the Isaac Figgs Memorial Scholarship from the National Guitar workshop but was unable to attend. Vosler joined TAXI and had several songs forwarded to music libraries and labels. Ryan’s been contacted by independent and major labels in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Vosler was filmed live at “Crash Mansion for the FOX TV show, “Fearless Music which will be aired on FOX as well as MTV2. Ryan’s large fan base and his own determination have lead to previous success and his passion and love for music may only produce more success in the future. Vosler is currently working on a new EP, which will be released in June and the single, “Stuck on this”, was liked by Rob Thomas and Universal Records. Vosler is a Jagermeister artist sponsored by Jager and will most likely be on the Jager Music Tour very soon. Vosler’s previous single,
“Committed to You” is on the new Jager Compilation CD with artists such as, Slightly Stupid, Pepper, and The Bouncing Souls. His other sponsors include, HYPE Energy Drink and STACKWARE CLOTHING, Many of Vosler’s songs may be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, e-music, and Napster. Ryan is also a member of, Sonicbids, Purevolume, and Music Nation. His music may also be found at, jagermusic.comryanvosler and heard on the Internet radio station STEEL93. All music is Copyrighted and Registered with ASCAP.


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