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Stephanie Pauline is a prolific songwriter. With over four hundred songs written thus far she is able to capture the tragedies, and fancies of human experience with such honest candor it leaves concertgoers leaning forward in expectation of what the next line might hold. Her songwriting ranges from earthy alternative, to rock, inspirational Christian, to worship, and every now and then there’s even a dash of folk/country here and there. She has coined the style foaltro, (Folk/alternative/rock). Her ultimate musical goal would be to have songs playing on Christian, secular, worship, and country stations. Not only is she an exceptional songwriter, she is also a phenomenal vocalist. Her voice bleeds and triumphs all in the same breath creating a desirous sound all her own.

Stephanie’s honest lyrics and compelling melodies draw people of all ages to listen. “I invite others into an honest moment and hopefully encourage them in their own pursuit of truth and a passionate life abandoned to the only thing worth living for: love. Whether people have the same theology or not, or even believe in God for that matter, I most always get people of all demographics coming up to me after the concert saying, “Who are you and where did you come from?!” I’ve been pretty pressed in life and I think it has produced a severity and vulnerability in me that people just lean into. It pulls things up from deep within them and unearths hearts. I don’t have an explanation for it beyond that. I’m just doing my best and hoping to help others in the process.”

I suppose some of this depth both in writing, and in the deeply emotional presentation of her material is due to the difficulties life dealt out in force in her young life to adolescence. After what she calls five years of darkness God recovered her and renewed within her an inborn sense of music that has accompanied her all through her life in varying degrees. She says that songwriting came to her like breathing or laughing; it’s just always been a part of who she is and what she does. Stephanie Pauline plays piano, and guitar. She has also been an integral part of the recording of her three full length CDs, and her three song CD, having co produced all of those recordings. Her last two recordings brought her to Nashville and LA where she recorded with some of the industry’s best studio musicians, from Jon Catchings, Gary Lunn and David Davidson to many others including Dave Cleveland and Steve Brewster. She was asked to be on a compilation CD of well-known artists from the Twin Cities, where she grew up, and she accepted. She has been featured in newspapers, and periodicals around the Midwest and one of her songs has been used on a sound track in a film called “My Lawyer”. She performed over 80 dates from 2006-2007 along with band members from CO and MN. Her music takes her all over America and beyond. She has performed in many great venues from civic centers, theatre’s and opera houses to your local pub, church, and coffee house. Her talents have won her a few record label offers, and the attention of some high-level industry professionals. In 2004 More than Music Inc. her ministry, and the hub of her music, was made an official non-profit, enabling her to receive donations to further the work.

The fire and driving force behind all that Stephanie Pauline does is best stated by the mission statement of More than Music Inc. which is… “To revolutionize the culture at large, one heart at a time, through the means of multimedia, ministry, and money given until everyone on earth knows, and lives the love that is in Jesus Christ.” Tied closely to all her endeavors is her goal of funneling the profits of her life’s work to worthy causes, world relief efforts, and social evangelism. Stephanie Pauline has chosen to waive her salary since the non-profit was made a legal entity in 2004 to help enable that. She regularly performs concerts in detention centers and treatment facilities around the country and she has been on several humanitarian forays, including a month long mission to an orphanage in Vijayawada, India. Stephanie has seen first hand the extensive destitution, both spiritually and physically that plague most of this planet and her heart’s cry is to see healing and blessings flow all around the world. She has vowed to take these messages God has given her in the form of songs as far as He will allow her to go.

She is married, with one son, and a newborn baby girl. She daily works to further her own authentic representation of the face of God in her personal life. Her music is simply an overflow of that.


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