Genre: Pop


6 years later and I’m standing in a room,
Smiling quietly as I look over to you,
All these people are igniting into flames,
I’ll take this moment and I’ll blow them all away.

Days freeze over, I can’t breathe,
As you walk over to me.

I can’t tell what’s happening, but I know it’s happening,
And the warm touch of your skin is reassuring me that I am home again.

I can’t really understand how you can take, all my constant little delicate mistakes,
But if you feel that you can live with everything,
Then I would ask you, I will beg you to begin.

Listen in between the lines, I want you for mine.

I can’t tell what’s happening, but it’s always happening,
And the softness of your breath is sending shivers.
And my heart lights up, as you take my hand,
And we will jump this cliff, and we will never land
Don’t make a sound.

I can tell what’s happening, cause it’s always happening
I will still be by your side until it’s over, it’s over.
And I feel the warmth as you pull me close,
And our feet tread air, and I won’t let go,
Cause this is it.

6 years later, and I’m standing in a room.

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