A Country Christmas Carol

by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

Genre: Country


It was a starry night in Bethlehem,
There was a star so bright
It brought three wise men
To travel so far
Far across the land
To see a special baby
Known as the lamb

He was the son of God
Something no-one else has ever claimed
He was the son of God
And Jesus was his name

Verses 2
There were three young shepherds
Watching their flocks at night
Something appeared before them
Gave them such a mighty fright
It was an angel of the lord
In such a perfect light
Told them to go to Jesus
And everything would be alright


It was in a lowly stable
Among the sheep and the hay
With the oxen the horses
Lord Jesus lay
That’s all part of the mystery
of our God almighty
That the King of all the nations would be born in this way

He was the Son of God
And Jesus was his name

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