About Time

by Timothy Walsh

Genre: Rock


I hear the footsteps coming and
we’re working all the time.
You watch the sunset fading and we’re aging over time.
I don’t know why we think about it but
we’re fading all the time.
I don’t see why you’re always saying that forever you’ll be mine.

CHORUS: Watching the clock I think about our days gone by
and I just can’t get this monkey off my mind.

I look across the oceans and it’s surging all the time.
The wind is always blowing and all things decay with time.
I can’t say why we’re here together–
I guess our hearts just rhyme.
I can’t see why we’re always running from
those baying dogs of time.

CHORUS: Watching the clock I think about….etc.

I hear those footsteps coming and I realize they are mine.
We watch the sunset fading and I realize it’s my eye.
The sky is calling to us, Judy, just like when we were young.
I’ll reach up for the moon, baby, and I’ll place it on your tongue.

CHORUS: Watching the clock I think about…. etc.

***words & music by Timothy Walsh
Released December 20, 2015

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