All Along the Shadows

by Elisa Di Napoli

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


All along the shadows you walk away
Silence all around your eyes are grey
Deep within the sorrow your hidden face
Glows into tomorrow

And into this pillow I weep and see
Nothing really matters but you and me
Nothing really matters but me and you
But what we must do

To become the people we want to be
Stripped of all our layers and finally free
Learning all the lessons that we must learn
Understanding more of all

Even after all the words I said
Even if I said our love was dead
I still care for you and hope one day
We will meet again

Within all the fire and inside ice
You gave me your power and I gave mine
Lost we found each other and in our fight
We discovered ourselves

I’ve become the source of all your pain
If I stayed with you I’d go insane
Maybe all of this was meant to be
A whole new discovery

I called you my brother was like a wife
You became the father of all of my strife
Then the disappointment closed us in
You would no more let me in

And though your wounds still bleed
It’s only you , you need
To love

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