All I Can Be

by Ed Drake

Genre: Christian


© 1983 Ed Drake

When I was just a baby boy,
My father took my hand.
Holding on to his strong arm,
I saw that I could stand.
But often when I tried to walk,
I fell back to the floor.
I cried until he smiled at me,
And helped me stand once more.

(Chorus) I
That’s when t learned my Father loved me.
That’s how I learned what I could be.
I know how much my Father loved me.
He helped me be all I could be.

When I was just a little boy,
And I came home in tears,
Saddened by a painful world
And shaken by my fears,
My father saw me running home,
And met me at the door.
I cried until he smiled at me,
And sent me out once more.


My father is my maker.
A loving God is He.
He still does the best at bringing out the best in me.

Now that I am older
I have learned my father’s ways.
And I am glad for all he taught me
In my younger days.
Sometimes, like a boy I knew,
When things go wrong I cry.
Now I still run to Him today,
And here’s the reason why…

I know how much my Father loves me.
Oh yes, it’s very plain to see.
I know how much my Father loves me.
He helps me be all I can be.

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