America Keep The Light Shining

by John Shakkar Settineri

Genre: Rock


America my friend
When will the tragedy end
I heard your people cry
When the Towers fell from the sky

Victory won’t be easy
but it is what shall be
For you have the strength to win
It’s easy to see

I cried for those that died
And I curse those that lie

When you have faith in what you believe
No one can deceive
Sp look for the silver lining
America, keep the light shining

Though sadness fall upon you
And madness is all around you
You need to look inside your heart
Don’t let all hope depart.

I’ve seen your tears in the rain
Your people haven’t died in vain
Though evil has cast a shadow
There will always be a tomorrow

They say Blood is thicker than water
and love is stronger than hate
Just put your trust in the Lord above
And no it’s never too late

Though sadness fell upon you
(it fell upon us all)
And madness is all around you
You need to look inside your heart
(you’re in my heart)
Don’t let all hope depart

America my friend
My love for you I send
just keep the light shining
You are near the rainbow’s end.

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