American Dream

by Char Fogel

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I can still remember when I was back in school
And I wasn’t no straight A student, baby, but I was no fool
I was schooled in Shakespeare and science, yeah I had it all
But I didn’t need to read or write to read the writing on the wall

Well I learned that God loves us more than the Russians
And whites can kill blacks with no repercussions
And a man can beat his wife and no one will hear her scream
And it’s all just a part of the American Dream

Now I’m just a teacher in a public school
But what is a teacher, baby, if she’s not an old fool?
And the kids, they ask of Shakespeare and science, the facts I can’t recall
And I tell ’em, “Just learn to question all the answers and change the writing on the wall.”

They say, “Does God really love us all more than the Russians?
(How) do whites kill blacks with no repercussions?
(Why) can a man kill his wife and no one hear her scream?
Or is it all just a part of the American Dream?

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