Angel of Love

by Corinne Newton

Genre: Americana/Country


He was three years old and his brother was new
His daddy was a farmer, someday he’d be one too
Grandma and Grandpa still lived on the farm
And every Monday he’d be there and he was Grandma’s little charm
They’d walk round the yard, his hand in hers
Watering the flowers and feeding the birds
Then one day he looked up, a question in his eyes
“Grandma what happens to the birdie, after it dies”
She said

“it’ll turn into a an angel of love
And watch over it’s family from up above
And one day they’ll meet up in Heaven again
No when the birdie dies, it won’t be the end
In Heaven forever he’ll spend”

Toy trucks and tractors, farm kids to the core
His brother was one and he just turned 4
He had a stray cat named Teddy who lived in the barn
Oh he just couldn’t wait for those days on the farm
Then one day Grandma took him aside
Said “do you remember when the little birdie died
And those words that I told you on that day
That the little birdie goes up to Heaven to stay”

Well Teddy turned into an angel of love….

The seasons change and how the time flies
His brother was two and he’d soon be five
When a late night phone call got them from bed
It made both mommy and daddy real sad
The next day they took him aside
They told him the news with tears in their eyes
Then he turned to his brother who didn’t understand
He knelt down beside him and took him by the hand

He said Grandma turned into and angel of love….

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