Astronomy of You

by Nate Plutzik

Genre: Rock


Those with ears
Ought to hear
This sweet serenade
Come, away with me
On this Astronomical escapade
Give, into time
We travel at the speed of light

You shine like the moon
You Shine like the stars
I gaze, up above
To see you once again
The night looks like glass
It looks like time is wearing thin

Its ok when I see you shining back
Its not, when the satellite, comes back to earth.
Like the moon.

In this vessel, we travel to the stars
We must find, who we are,
Get lost in space.
To find ourselves again
To the stars

You are like the moon
You are like a supernova I want to see
Dancing, a dancing sun
But more, your more than that.
You shine, like the stars
You shine, you shine with grace.

We dodge the blackhole of time together,
Do you ever feel lonely?

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