At The Expense

by Gary Leclair Brad Steckel

Genre: Rock


At the expense
Of lookin’ like a fool
I will show you my cards
I will lay them down for you
Take the ones … the ones you need
And those you want …. you want to believe
I swear all of them are true

At the expense
Of losin’ my pride
There’s nothin’ ’bout me
I got nothin’ more to hide
I know … I know
You’ve been burned before
Why don’t we just close that door
And put our feelings to the test

CHORUS: I know you’ve been down some roads
Roads that were paved with heartless lies
Lies that took you down so low
You thought your tears would never dry
You thought your tears would never dry

So at my expense
I want you to know
I will give you my strength
And my weakness to own
‘Cause we might find
What we’re lookin’ for
We’ll never know … know for sure
Unless we take the chance


BRIDGE: At the expense
Of lookin’ like a clown
I will fall on my face
And let it hit the ground
And I will do all it takes
‘Cause I’m here to win
Not show or place
I ain’t playin’ around

CHORUS & You thought your tears
Would never dry

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