Being Alone

by Chris Morgan

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I know how to listen but still I have nothing to say
I’ve restored your trust and you rebuilt my faith
I finally stopped lying, at least to you
My eyes never stray when you’re in the room
But I don’t know which you I’m coming home to today

We split a bottle of red and a bottle of white
Confessing depressing things from our past lives
I make excuses when there is no need
You never seem to follow that lead
And quietly we stay awake all through the night

You reassure me that I still have the right to dream
While I promise you that history was just as it seems
I love you stronger with my broken past
I kiss your scars knowing they’ll last
And together we decide the future’s just one of our schemes
And some day we’ll get right back to following our dreams
And some day we’ll remember exactly what it is that that means

I forgot how to live life on my own
Please don’t ever leave me alone
I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared of being alone. (x3)

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