Body Catch A Body

by Lindsey Mills

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Poor body strollin’ through the city,
Lost in blurs of hurried lives
But he believes he’ll see his baby runnin’
When she’s a-comin’ through the rye

Well he can’t breathe, oh, half the time
’cause his throat is filled with words
But he believes his baby knows the way
to a place where the words, yeah, they fly like birds

And his baby’s name, well, it’d sound the same
if you said it in the city or you said it on the plains,
But if somethin’ you’re sayin’ is somethin’ you love,
Yeah, it’s those words that save you when there’s nothing above

We always wonder what’s more than we know,
wasting moments in marvel with nothing to show but
Twinkling pupils reflecting the stars
When the wonder is gone, we get back in our cars

and we dream of all the places we would go
(oh oh oh)
if we only could
if we weren’t so goddamn misunderstood

Don’t you see the quality
of life you stand to gain
Forsake your fear of falling, dear,
before you go insane
I see you on the dance floor
I see you in my dreams
I hope someday to see you say
you found your self-esteem

Oh, I see a light
Shining bright
In the summer, in the sky
It’s alright
Try, poor body, try
to not ask why
we’ll always wonder through the rye

And he sees her runnin’, yeah, just like he knew,
Oh, he sees his reflection and Ali’s there too
And he can’t help but notice, as sure as he grew,
that he said it out loud and his words, they came true

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