by andrew james binder

Genre: Folk


I live in Boringville/My life is so mundane/I have two kids my wife is blonde/everything looks the same; All the people are lily white/All the grass is green/No one thinks for themselves/We vote
christian right wing; All the wives wear beige shorts/ Walk their retrievers around/Order Dominos for
the kids/Central air runs year round/ All the men wear polo shirts/Play golf on the weekend/talk
about the money they made/Off the backs of the foreign men; I live in Boringville/ I don’t know my name/Can’t even find my house/Everything looks the same; No one dreams of utopia/ We like it the
things are/Wish everyone was just like us/we would have fodder for our wars; All our music is commercial crap/Our books are censored too/Tv is on day and night/Our news is government approved; I hire workers for all my chores/I can’t do anything/When I go to church on Sunday/ I don’t even sing; I can’t escape Boringville/Oh woe is me/All the problems of the world/We blame on minorities.

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