Coffee Shop

by King Karl Henrik

Genre: Pop


Coffee Shop
© 2013 King Karl Henrik

I saw her first in a coffee shop
She was lookin’ kinda funky in her Starbucks smock
I know she’s the girl for me
Are you ready? Are you ready?

I said, “Please fill my empty cup
I’m lookin’ for a buzz with some foam on top, and
I think you should leave with me”
Are you ready? Are you ready?

I said, “oh, oh, you ready to go?
The world’s too fast to move so slow
A double espresso is the way to go
Off the grid and blow off all this steam”

She said, “I think you’re kinda hot
Your jeans are skinny and your eyes have got
A look that makes my knees feel weak”

“I know I’ve gotta work
To pay my loans and all those jerks
Some days the world can feel so mean”

“I know you’re ready to go
But, my mamma always said to pour it slow
If you’re always in a hurry I might say no
‘cause guys like you move way too fast for me”

Every day I’m sittin’ with my laptop
Checkin’ mail and what’s goin’ on
I’ve gotta get out of this temp job
It can’t be right ‘cause it feels so wrong

Let’s take a walk down by the river
Drink some beers and play some songs
You look so sad pouring out those Lattes
This can’t be where you belong

Get back where you belong…

So we split that coffee shop
Told her boss just to shove it as we took off
He knows that’s the last he’ll see
Of my honey and my money, and
We drove down to the Keys
Singin’ Jimmy Buffet and Black Eyed Peas
I know that’s the place for me
Where it’s sunny and my honey said

“Oh, oh, I’m ready to go
Where the weather is warm, I can take it slow
And a frozen Margarita is the way to go
And all my worries take a back-row seat”

Steel Drums playin’ and my hips are swayin’
And my pretty baby’s sayin’
Pour another Margarita, throw away the lattes
It’s another sunny day

Get back where you belong…

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