Cycles of Life

by Jeffrey B. Hartmann

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


The sunrise wakes the morning so the dawn can greet the day;
The minutes walk the hours so the light has time to play.
Evening brings the sunset as dusk prepares the way;
Darkness casts it?s shadow until the morning?s rays.
It is the cycle of the day . . .

The flowers sing of springtime, the seeds of change to sow;
For Summer brings renewal as all things need to grow.
Autumn paints it?s magic in colored winds that blow;
Soon the earth is sleeping ?neath Winter?s quilt of snow.
It is the Cycle of the Seasons . . .

Life begins eternal, to breath and live anew;
Starting on a journey, to do what one must do.
To love and learn while living the days that season?s knew;
To laugh and cry in dying, a wisdom that is true.
It is the Cycle of Life . . .

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