Dance in the Rain

by Bella Bogart

Genre: Rock


The earth’s been dry for so long
We pray the storms will start
My soul’s so parched it feels like dust
About to blow apart
I only have myself to blame
And I just can’t explain
The reasons why I was afraid
To dance in the rain

I’m gonna dance in the rain
Let the tears roll down me
Dance, dance in the rain ’til I’m free
I’m gonna dance in the rain
I’m gonna bend ’til I break
‘Til I drown in a lake
Of a million drops of pain
I’m gonna dance in the rain

I am so tired of building
These walls are eight miles thick
I think that I should let you know
They’re falling brick by brick
I thought I’d always be the same
It seemed a cryin’ shame
Now every moment that remains
I’ll dance in teh rain

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