Dancing With the Angels

by Allan Johnson

Genre: Americana/Country


Dancing With the Angels Allan Johnson

Last time I saw her, was a cold and wintry night
She hugged me like she knew it would be the last time
A week went by, a call came in the middle of the night
Car wreck had taken her out near highway nine

I can’t believe what you’re saying, are you sure it’s really her?
How could such a bright and shining light, be no more?

Chorus: Now she’s dancing with the angels
She has slipped the bonds of this life, and she’s home, forevermore
Where she’s dancing with the angels
Waltzing on God’s peaceful shore, and she’s home, forevermore

To know her was to love her, to love her was to know
That your heart was in the hands of an angel
Losing her was like having a hole ripped right down the middle of your soul
It scars over but that hole it just won’t heal

And now day by day life goes on, by God’s grace we carry on
And cherish all those moments so precious and few, before she was gone

Chorus, Intro, Repeat first line

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