Dear Sister

by Patrick Cunningham

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Dear Sister

Remember the cold wind in the north?
Even in the spring, but we held tough.
We wandered in the streets
Oh, how innocent and sweet.
Could a moment ever stay?
We called it home.

Dear sister, it was hard to watch you fall
Just know that, you weren?t alone
Street lamps colored the night
Hawthorn was our light
Would you do it again?
Take me back home.

I watched you win
I watched you lose
Discontent with the haze
The unpredictable daze
Like it?s some kind of matrix

In a sinking ship
You sailed away
Your decision was made
I spoke with the waves,
Asked them to carry you

Now it?s February
Do the seasons change?
So tell me dear sister.
Would you have it any other way?

Dear Sister, our days are still unknown
Just know that, you?ll never be alone
Red roses and white wine
A sundance will do fine
It?s a new home

Dear Sister,
Would you have it any other way?
Dear sister,
Would you have it any other way?

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