Devils And Shotguns

by Mike Fullarton

Genre: Pop


She’s been away and we’re outta touch,
But I don’t miss her all that much,
I shouldn’t have gotten so close to her,
Should’ve kept my distance like she kept hers,

It’s been a while and now I want it back,
All that pain and misery that I once had,

But in a way, that’s not, what I’m thinking of, but I think too much always gets me lost,
The drink, the pills, the chemicals,
Can’t hide, how I really feel,

She heard my footsteps on her porch so she grabbed her shotgun and her torch,
I looked surprised, well I guess you would and screamed sorry baby, please don’t shoot,

It’s been a while, oh can’t you see I’ve changed,
Oh, maybe so but I still feel the same,

As I did, back then, remember when, you cried and said, I can’t pretend, no more, you know, gotta let it all go,
And I wish that we had never met,

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