Don’t Miss It

by Sam Miller

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Don’t Miss It

I stare in awe as the sun goes down,
between the layers of valleys and seas.
Two tearful eyes,
not knowing if to laugh or cry.
One thing’s for sure,
those tears prevent the joy,
of seeing the gleaming of those first stars

Each moment is dear,
when it’s clear,
and we’re near
to ourselves.

I talk and describe, conveying a message.
Surely, a detailed explanation.
The listener responds,
still engrossed in my speech;
I give birth to an orphaned expression.

Don’t miss it, no! (3x)
Don’t miss it.


Deep in our thoughts, contemplating an action.
Seeking out all possible signs.
Another side, another point of view,
and the deed is devoured by time.


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