Eat Your Head

by Steve Page Kevin Kerr Derek James Mark Halford

Genre: Rock


So Inspired by you- So taken, mistaken
So much wrong it’s true – so blatant, so vacant
I’d fallen for you – I’d take it, two faced bitch
You’d just run me through – for granted, can’t stand it

It feels so good to be done with you
You’re out of my head and you’re out of yours too
Self-perpetuating ignorance
It’s so much fun to watch you fall again

I want to eat your head like you ate my heart
I’ll eat your hate and all your thoughts
I’ll follow it up with a second course
Of your two-faced manipulating selfish arse

Save face, eliminate bad faith
Disgrace, borderline insane
Medicine shoved into your face
Disdain turning to mundane

Everyone has come online
So much truth, as many lies
Hold on to, the dreams we knew
Left behind to fade in time

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