End of War

by Eric Colville

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


The End of War

We used to believe it was all human nature
And there wasn’t too much you could do
“war is inevitable” that’s what they said
and everyone thought it was true

so we blasted away with our bombs and our guns
till the smoke finally cleared and the fighting was done
only to find out that no one had won
way back in the days before – the end of war

once some guy went so far to say “try to imagine”
No heaven, no hell, and no God
No King, no country, not even possessions
We all thought he was asking a lot

so we kept on fighting for all of this stuff
but it never turned out to be reason enough
to justify losing the people we love
That’s how it was before……the end of war

Now I cannot recall how it actually happened
But it wasn’t by some grand decree
It’s like trying to explain why nobody saw it
once everyone started to see

That the world was much smaller than ever before
And “over there” wasn’t so far anymore
what we did unto others washed up on our shores
the answer was hard to ignore…..the end of war

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