Far From Gray

by Jeff Bucci

Genre: Pop


we’re all just waiting for our time
so eager to fly when we can’t even run
big eyes bright smile is where we begun
where we begun

those ticks and tocks from clocks in the night
will keep you awake till quarter till nine
my heads in a cloud where we both can hide
where we can hide

the leaves there changing and I just don’t feel the
same no more no more as I did the other day
my lease is up and I still need a place to call my
home again and i’m sick of moving in
your luck has shifted turning around
we’re stuck in the muck in the mire on the ground
our legs are twisted entanangled at night
entanangled at night

no need for your greeting greiveing tonight
its lost in the wash and the cycle’s on high
your reading your books to shed you some light
shed you some light
and maybe someday i can play those songs for you
for you again because thats all I want to do
Im running backwards and the clock still moves ahead
again and again maybe some day you’ll come
Turning backwards and my feet dont touch the ground
there’s nothing I would rather do
my every effort seems so far far from gray
and i just got to be with you

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