Finding Grace

by Lis Nagy

Genre: Singer-Songwriter



Just when I thought I had it down?you suddenly appeared?and I started to drown?
Within these silences that storm and rage?I keep wondering at the end of the day?
Will I be found?will I find that amazing grace?and will I?see?just one?familiar face…
I don?t want to be lost and scared?and alone?will that sweet, sweet grace?really lead me home
I want to be at peace?I want to be filled with amazing grace?I want to believe?
I have to believe?You?re gonna? be there for me.
I?ve been wondering those things?in the silent night?when I hear your breath coming steady and light
Will you be there next to me?holding me tight?when the days turn endless?nothing wrong or right
Tried to understand what I didn?t know?never got to choose when I wanted to go?
Was it enough? Guess it will have to do?Oh?sweet, sweet?grace I?m counting on you
To everyone that lives in my heart?You?ve made it worthwhile right from the start
I know you?ll be there for me

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