Fire in the Belly

by Bruce Wayne McLellan

Genre: Rock


A sense of urgency passes through me like a heavy rain through a dry creek bed
I don’t feel right I do not feel a thing so I don’t write home cause I don’t feel alone

My insides are trying to crawl out between my heart and mind
Feels like 20 billion watts of electrical fire burning, burning, burning my entire.

Oh! Fire in the belly making smoke in the mind the primordial blood is boiling
Fire in the belly making smoke in the mind. Got to reconcile the human and divine

I want to get on with my life but I left my flashlight in the basement
Can’t see my hand in front of my face
Is that a demon in the basement or just my alter-ego?
Either way this is scary place. Yeah!

Life blood is trying to flow through my dielectric moral fiber
Then the thoughts and the feelings overwhelm my common sense
And I’m reeling, reeling, reeling with desires
Chorus – Break – Chorus
Fire! Electrical fire. Fire! The blood is boiling.
Fire! Making smoke in the mind. Fire, Heavy Rain! (3x)
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

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