by Marco Correia, Jean-sebastian Correia and Adrian Culhane

Genre: Rock



Verse 1:

I knew I had to go
sometimes you have to leave…by yourself

it was a friday night
she knew I came for her…by myself

and even though I tried
to overlook my spies and trust these(her) lies

still I was in denial
she said just stay. While the games began

Verse 2:

she had the perfect smile
and I could not somehow…find the words

to ask her to be mine
but she was of a…doubtful kind

and on that fateful night
I held her hand and walked… out of sight.

pulled her up close to me
and whispered in her ear… take a chance with me. with me.

Verse 3:

and now you see the truth
I’ve been waiting for you…all this time

but I’ll still play these games
as long you’ll be mine in the end.


The games that you play
the little ways that you move me
no more silly games that you play
but its the price I am willing to pay for…YOU


’cause this is what I have been waiting for
I’ve never felt this way before
’cause this is what I’ve been searching for all my life

’cause this is what we have been waiting for
we’ve never felt this way before
’cause this is what we’ve been searching for all our lives.

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