God’s Desire

by Sharon S. Johnson

Genre: Christian


(Intro: This is a love letter from God. From His heart to your heart. He wrote it to let you know. That He has so much for you. So receive it and be encouraged. For God loves you.)

It’s not about what I want from you.
But instead what I want for you.
A divine romance.
Just give me a chance.

So much hope I want to give you.
And a future you can live through
For I know the plans
Come and take my hand

Will you ponder on these things
That my goodness I do bring
So I can win your heart
Give you a brand new start

So be still that you may know
I am God who loves you so
And I’m all you need
So now let me lead

My desire is to love you
My desire is to save you
To provide you with my grace
To lead you to a special place
My desire is to keep you
I will never ever leave you
I will soothe your soul
I will make you whole

I’m in the smallest everyday things
Like the bluebird that sings
The bluebird’s song is me
Just whistling happily

As I bathe you in the sun
Know that you’re my chosen one
As I send the rain
I m here to ease your pain

I cry out for your attention
Sending snow that ever glistens
From the deep blue sky
II am standing by
I extend to you protection
I will give you new direction
My peace I will provide
To give you a brand new life

My desire is to love you…

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