Grandma’s House

by Ingrid Serban & Forest Sun

Genre: Americana/Country


Last night she was in my dreams
Walking together in the gold and green
Drinking cool water from the mountain spring
Where I spent every summer ‘til I was thirteen

She used to rock my on her knees
Tell me stories of kings and queens
I’d climb high in the cherry tree
The smell of fresh bread rising on the breeze

Even though she’d gone
The flowers live on
At my grandma’s house

When my dad met my mom
He brought her home, made her his brined
My mom and my grandma never got along
They both had way too much pride

My dad gave the place away
When I was twenty-seven
It’s now a church where people pray
I wonder if my grandma hears them up in heaven

And even though she’s gone
The flowers live on
At my grandma’s house

The last time I saw her
Before I left home
We were in the garden together
Planting a rose

Even though she’s gone
The flowers love on
At my grandma’s house.

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