Happiness(Does Not Come Fast)

by Ron Mancini

Genre: Folk


Beware of happiness that comes fast
Chances are it won’t last
Here today then gone away
It can drive you crazy
Some try to get it by seeking a thrill
Some use the bottle some use a pill

True happiness does not come fast
You must fight to make it last
Once you have it you must maintain
Don’t grow lax and lose it again
Swim upward in its joyful stream
Sometimes it’ll feel like a dream
Stay on top and afloat
Cause brother there ain’t no lifeboat
(it’s like the Titanic)

Beware of success you did not earn
Chances are you’ll get burned
Can’t appreciate what it takes
Till you feel some heartache
You must work to be free
Just like being happy
Or drip by drip it’ll leak away
On top of it you must stay

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