Heaven Bound

by Christal Prout

Genre: Folk



Come down, come down
Down to Clear Creek
Wade out, wade out
If it’s salvation that you seek
Walk back through the holler, child
In your Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes
It’s that old-time religion
Where them rattlers save your soul

Verse 1
Well, Preacher Kirk had a Holiness Church
Back in 1945
He led his congregation
In miracles and signs
He said, “these wonders shall follow
All them that do believe
So we’re gonna take up serpents in Jesus’ name
And that glory we’ll receive”

Chorus (above)

Verse 2
Now Anna, she was the preacher’s wife
Had a baby inside
She said, “praise the Lord and pass that snake”
And that rattler held on tight
Preacher said, “no medicine
God’s gonna heal you on this night”
She clung tight to her bible and his faith
But Anna up and died

Now, it’s all over but the shoutin’
It’s all over but the shoutin’
It’s all over but the shoutin’

Verse 3
Now Preacher Kirk, he got two years
In the penitentiary
And some see Anna walkin’ round
With a cryin’ baby
So if you want to test your faith
So you can earn your crown
Say “praise the Lord and pass that snake
‘Cuz you know that I’m heaven bound”

Bridge – end

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