Hey Little Child

by Jeffrey B. Hartmann

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Hey little Child with your dreams on fire;
Something seems wrong as tears they cloud your style.
Troubles weigh you down, that is plain to see;
Your world’s gone black and you’ve put it all on trial.
Haunting fills your days with a crushing weight;
Time moves slow as forever takes a while.
I see despair and desperate means;
But You gotta hang on and please don’t lose your smile;
Because Life is such a precious thing.

Many years back all your thoughts I shared;
Pain and doubt and no one seemed to care.
Confusion reigns through waves of hurt. and
Shattered thoughts, they scream with silent stares.
Mistakes are made and lessons learned;
Growing up at times seems so unfair.
But things work out in the strangest ways;
Give it time and hope and patient prayer;
Because Life is such a precious thing.

Now I am old but my eyes still shine;
Life isa cup and deep I’ve drunk the wine.
I’ve seen a lot through years gone by;
Wondered deep on purpose, fate and dyin’.
Know yourself and always do your best, and
Yes, a rainbow waits and the sun will shine.
Hey Little Child with so much ahead;
Don’t lose your faith and always keep on tryin’;
Because Life is such a precious thing.

Be kind and honest, fair and true;
Strive for Love, it’s strength will help you through.
The road is long but the days are few;
Be thankful for their gift in all you do;
Because Life is such a precious thing.

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