I Can’t Rhyme

by Lanny Sherwin

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I Can’t Rhyme
(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: I think I caught a strange disease,
Maybe got stung by a hive of … wasps,
I can’t make rhymes anymore,
Feels like someone closed the … window.

Chorus: I can’t rhyme, and I’m so mad,
I was so happy, now I’m … upset.
I used to do it all the time,
Now I can’t make any words … sound the same.

Verse 2: Before my rhymes went all wrong,
I played my music, I sang my … tunes.
I played guitar – I was one of the best.
You could hear me from East to … California.


Br: Rhymes, rhymes, I gotta know –
Why did you leave? Where did you … get to?
Won’t you come back and make it snappy?
You’d make me so very … glad.

Verse 3: I go to bed each night and pray
Things will be better on a brand new … morning,
Then I awake in the same old rut,
Boy, this is sure a big pain in the … neck.


Tag I used to do it all the time,
Now I can’t make any words … rhyme. Just kidding!

(@Sherwin Communications, LLC/ASCAP)

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