I Don’t Belong Here

by Kevin Roach

Genre: Americana/Country


I Don’t Belong Here

I ain’t been crucified
Count good people on my side
Need only ask to be saved
Don’t know how hard I’ve tried
To get to the other side
I feel a great mistake’s been made

I don’t belong here
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong here no more

I get ten seconds
When the day begins
Before the weight comes crashing down
In my dreams I’m not wanted
But they won’t let me leave
I’m an exile in my own home town


I got all the weapons
That I need in this life
My ammunition is low, low, low.
I keep waiting for the right train to come.
Cause I feel it’s time to go.


The sun ain’t no medicine
For this dark disease.
I’m so sick to death of this part.
And all that I have
Will get left behind
I’ve all ready left you my heart

Chorus x2

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