I Got a Song

by Justin Serrano, Jr.

Genre: Pop


Words and music by
Justin Serrano, Jr.

I’m thinkin’ maybe
Things have gone a little crazy
You push me, I push back
No good can come out of that

We’re all takin’ punches
From the left and the right
Makes me wonder who’s caught
Smack, middle of the fight
In our little ponds
In this big blue world
Ain’t no magic wand
We need to get along

I got a song
And I just want ya’ to know
The song’s alive
And it’s a part of my soul
If we try hard
We can right wrongs
I got a song
Come on and sing along

Let’s start a new day
Seein’ each other in a new way
You and me, take a stand
Come on now, don’t misunderstand

If you’re always lookin’ back
It only brings on the hurt
Gotta look straight ahead
Stop throwin’ this dirt
Once in a blue moon
Some’n brings us around
Sharin’ this tune
We stand on common ground




I got a song come on and sing along
I got a song come on and sing along

“I Got a Song” © 2009 by Justin Serrano, Jr. All Rights Reserved.
3012 Wellingford Dr. High Point, NC 27265 (jserrano@northstate.net)

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