I wouldn’t mind a ride shotgun home

by roger paul mason, alan foreman

Genre: Americana/Country


i can see you there maybe eleven years ago
standing in the line for a hardcore show
and the apartments up and down lark
they were burnt out cold
and it was looking like a film about the end of the world
i was an alien you were a zombie
they wouldn’t let us in and there was
no where really left to go – you told me

for once in your life no don’t think twice
for once in your life accelerate
and i wouldn’t mind a ride shotgun home with you
oh no

blowing down the street we found a fifty dollar bill
we could get something to eat
and we could get a lot of other things too
breaking the rules
but the kids down there don’t even eat anymore
singing why cant we be anything at all
to each other and another thing
i’m telling the truth

and now i sleep all day
and run wild all night
when i lose control i lose control of control
i tell myself that i don’t care anymore

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