I’ll Be Back

by Dan Charness

Genre: Rock


I’ll Be Back – by Dan Charness
Verse I:
Good luck lady
You done left me out in the open
You done threw me out to wind and wolves and left me there to die
But I trust that lately you had a change heart for the better
Your gonna turn me around with a brighter day and I’ll be back again

Verse II:
Hard time winner
I’ve been kickin around for an answer
I’ve been slummin the town with the down and outs I’ve been hanging on for life
But I know that someday I’m gonna paint the town with a victory
I’m gonna get back up on my town two feet and I’ll be back for more

I’ll be back cause I want to tell the world that I mean to
Pick right up and start my trial again
Well I don’t believe its over now so I
Hit the road with the new day, shed my skin of the old way
Spread my wings so I can fly into the year
And I’ll be back somehow

Verse III:
Fortune maker
You’ve got my attention
You gotta tell me the nature of the ways of the world and I can finally go my own
Well I’m just a beginner, not a seasoned vet nor an expert
But I’m a stubborn fool I got nothing to lose and I’ll be seeing you again


If there’s a god why can’t he show me the way
I don’t believe that I can fight another day
But I’m sure in time, a light will shine on a future path to the end

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