It’s not easy

by Giuseppe Piol

Genre: Rock


The shine of a cigarette
Lights up the night
The clouds in the sky
They want me to hide away
I can’t sleep no sleep no way

The taste of this drink
The seventh tonight
Is sweeter than you and
It’s bitter and bitter again
It’s you that I’m trying to forget

It’s not easy to please me
When you say that everything’s wrong
We are dreamers
Dear Frankie, we’ve learned to love from the songs

But I can wail ’til the daytime comes again
I’ve been 15 days naked in the rain
And if you think I’m such a bore
Well you’re just another point to my score
But now let me cry ’til my eyes explode

The shine of a cigarette lights up the day
The clouds in the sky they’re there
But I’d take that rain away
If you only decided to stay.

The taste of this drink, the first of the day
Is sweeter than you
But I’m going to drink anyway
It makes the game easier to play

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