Just One Man

by Christopher Lawrence and Jill Shannon

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Just One Man by Christopher Lawrence and Jill Shannon c)2008

We were slaves in Pharaoh’s ruthless rule
Who can deliver us from one so cruel?
In bondage we cried out
To a better place, who would lead us out

Just one man confronting the king
He faced him down and raised the cry
Just one man, how could he stand
Saying, “Let my people go, let them fly.”

Verse 2:
We were slaves in dark idolatry
Who will confront their gods and bring the Lord’s victory
Upon the mount the altar laid
Oh Israel, who will you choose this day

Just one man facing the crowd
In the name of the Lord, he called them out
Just one cry to Adonai
Saying, “Let Your fire fall, and let them cry.”

Verse 3:
We were slaves in death’s eternal grip
Rightly condemned to die, broken fools
In darkness we, lashed out
Took the light of God and snuffed him out

And just one man absorbing sin,
Like leprosy it clung to him
And just one death, in my place
He called me out of hell’s embrace, and let me fly.

Death, o death couldn’t hold Him down
Rose from the grave and took His crown again. (2X)

Just one man risen in glory
The angels cry holy, holy, holy
Just one King Ancient of Days
You called us out into life’s embrace
And let us fly.
Let us fly, let us fly, fly, fly, fly away

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