by Billy Frank, Aamer Bajwa, Kirk Silver

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Every day since then I’ve marveled at the skies
They’ve been painted in the color of your eyes
And the sunlight shines in substitute of you
So my heart reminds itself to whom it’s due

All the lines we drew were always in the sand
And a tide came in that nothing could withstand
If the canvas must lie so close to the sea
Then we’ll draw new lines connecting you and me

There’s a joy in feeding fire of the chest
Even if the ship is lost among the rest
For the hope of safe return burns blazing bright
So I’ll fix my line and stare into the night

Any certainty in love leaves some afraid
And it’s true our lines have seen some better days
But the heart’s the only compass we can trust
And I know in mine to never give you up

Summer days bring my love away
Summer days, oh so far away
But spring days, she’s here to stay
Give me one more day, another day

(One more day, another day)

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