by Karen Kiekské

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


you bloody lyer, lyer, lyer,
lyer, lyer
you wanted me down but see
I’m only climbing higher
right to the top of this big tree
and if you dare you follow me
but don’t get scared and call
’cause I’ll be gone too far
to even hear

so just give up, crawl back into
your dark deep hiding place
and live your life with sorrow
lick your wounds I never wished for you
it’s just I’m done with giving me
and now I live again, I sing, I dance,
I play, I laugh, I care, I love,
I run because I’m free

you bloody lyer, …

the only sound reaching my ear
is from the people who were here
to help me get onto my feet
time after time
if it weren’t for those good people
coming ly down next to me
let me talk and cry and search
for how and why
I’d be circling, swirling, tumbling, turning
suck into the ocean
left a wrinkle in the water and then still
but now my head is clear
my heart has healed
I won’t forget
and now I’m fit enough
to go again from here

you bloody lyer, …

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